Heartfelt Condolences Pradhan Family

We the Bhutanese Community of Greater Cleveland is deeply saddened by the demise of  Ms. Sari Maya Pradhan, the parental grandmother of Mr.Ganesh Pradhan who is one of the active founding members of BCGC & Mr. Nar Pradhan who is also one of the active members of Bhutanese Community of Greater Cleveland. We express our deepest sympathy to the bereaved family members and our prayers are with all of them at these difficult hours. May her departed soul rest peacefully in the space of eternity.

Name: Sari Pradhan

DOB: 01/01/1919

DOD: 10/27/2019

Time: 7:27 PM

Village: Upper Goshi

Block: Goshi | District: Dagana

Address in Nepal: Sector L/2 Camp; Sanischare

Entry to Nepal: 1992

Current Address: 2868 Noble Road #9, Cleveland Heights Ohio 44121

Entry to the USA: 08/03/2011


1. Ganesh Pradhan

2. Nar Pradhan

Grand daughter In-law

1. Hari Maya Pradhan

2. Damanta Pradhan


1) Phul Maya Pradhan (Bhutan)

2. Chandrika Pradhan (Bhutan)

3. Khina Maya Pradhan (North Carilonia)


Address: Malloy – Esposito Funeral Home & Crematory.

1575 W 117th Street, Cleveland Ohio 44107

Date: November, 2nd, 2019 (Saturday) @ 2:30 PM