Deepest Condolences to Diyali Family

The Bhutanese community of Greater Cleveland (BCGC) is deeply saddened by the untimely death of one of
our senior community member, late Dhan Maya Diyali, grandmother of Abraham Diyali (Present Secretary of
On the 13th mourning ritual day, we express our deepest sympathy to the bereaved family members and our
prayers are with all of them at these difficult moments. May her departed soul rest peacefully in the space of

Name: Dhan Maya Diyali
Father: Indra Bahadur Shankar
Mother: Dil Maya Shankar
Spouse: Late Bhupal Singh Diyali
Address in Bhutan:
Village Emeray
District: Dagana
Address in camp:
Camp: Pathari Sanischare
Sector: G/4-58
Entry in Nepal: 1992
Entry in the USA: 2008
1. Kesher Diyali
2. Nanda Diyali
3. Santa Diyali
4. Raj Kumar Diyali
Daughter: Januka Diyali
Number of grandsons: 5
Number of granddaughters: 6