BCGC Inauguration Ceremony 2018

Emerging Community in the Greater Cleveland

Greater Cleveland is becoming a welcoming destiny home for a fraction of the Bhutanese Refugees who are resettling in the united states since 2008. Having felt an importance to preserve an identity along with language, art, and social-cultural diversity, an extreme attempt has been made by the community volunteer leaders to come together for a concept of the community platform. This platform was nomenclature as Bhutanese community of Greater Cleveland (BCGC in abbreviation). BCGC was formed for a common interest to help the community members in order to adjust and modify in the completely new and absolute American culture. BCGC also formally inaugurated and introduced itself as a non-profit community-based organization. The inauguration event was held on April 21, 2018 in the chairmanship of Mr. Til Mishra, the president of BCGC.

BCGC invited different stakeholders from Cleveland and other neighboring cities. The inauguration was a grand success amidst the variety of cultural events. There were over 30 invited guests from different organizations and over 300 community members were present during the event. Meanwhile, a representative from the mayor’s office, Mr. Alex Lackey handed a proclamation letter to the president of BCGC.

The event documentary can be viewed below!