The Bhutanese Community of Greater Cleveland (BCGC) was founded in response to the acute need of refugees and immigrants (Nepali origin) in the Greater Cleveland, Ohio in 2017 A.D. BCGC is a non-profit community-based organization who is granted 501 C (3) tax exemption status in the state of Ohio. BCGC thrives on becoming a mutual assistance providing agency who is committed to collaborating widely in assisting all needy community members irrespective of discrimination of any kind. The founding members of BCGC also includes some experienced members who are successfully working with the refugee population, resettlement agencies and immigration since 2008 A.D. BCGC is committed to serve the community with the mission statement “Unity in diversity is the Strength of Humanity”. This organization focuses on the case management, aiding educational development, health, and wellness, mental health, preserving: culture, art, literature, language; involvement and initiation of games and sports. BCGC bridges the community to ease on successful adaptation to this great country. The BCGC endeavors its aims through community-based projects and healthy plans for those who are desperately in need of support. Its main role is to support and empower all needy families and individuals for successful transition and integration into the population and of the United States.

The Bhutanese Community of Greater Cleveland (BCGC) comprised of refugee immigrants who were granted the privilege of resettlement in the United States of America. This immigration population was helped by The International Organization for Migration (IOM) initiated by UNHCR for the case management in Nepal with the collaboration of many refugee resettlement agencies in the United States. These people were once the population of Bhutan; the majority of Lhotshampas (“southerners”) a group of Nepali-speaking people who were forcefully expelled out from the country in the early 1990s, confiscating their citizenship status and properties by the then government of Bhutan as a conspiracy theory of ethnic cleansing procedure. These people spent their miserable life in the refugee camps in Eastern Nepal for about two decades seeking temporary asylum. With no hopes of reaching resolving agreements on repatriation to homeland Bhutan, these refugees are resettled in North America, Oceania, and Europe under the auspice of
the office of the UNHCR. A part of this refugee constitutes a population in the Greater Cleveland since 2008 A.D.

Conducting Nepali classes among school going children to preserve and promote own language.
• Assisting community members with case management (supporting them to read
and help with their paper works receiving from different sources).
• Planning to start a citizenship class for elderly and limited English speaking
• Provide awareness in Health and Wellness.
• Organize mental health awareness workshop.

• Empowering education.
• Provide nutritional awareness for healthy life.
• Promote Art and Literature, Culture.
• Organize job orientation events
• Create awareness to control and minimize domestic violence.
• Provide legal awareness program.
• Organize and promote games and sports.
• Helping to develop and promote leadership skill in youths.

The logo for Bhutanese Community of Greater Cleveland is designed to symbolize the multi-aspects of multi-ethnic and cultural Bhutanese community residing in the Greater Cleveland. The four steps at the bases are representing the building of community’s relationship in all directions unifying together to a common interest and attaining a better community integration.The wide opening palms personify the openness of our organization to all irrespective of any discrimination.The human chain standing on the globe in blue shows our strong devotion to serving any community’s needs in various subjects along with trust, confidence, stability, and obedience to enhance the progress of community abiding laws and embracing the peace. The orange color represents the society of good humanism, motivating to service and thrive for better wisdom. And thus, “Unity in diversity is the strength of humanity!” is our mission.